If you're a VW specialist, then the VAG-COM Laptop based scanner may prove to be the best scanner for the money available. This scanner, unlike a number of other tools listed on this web site can only do 1 line of vehicles, the VW/Audi line. However coverage and capability is excellent, includes the ability to read codes, display data PID's and handle security issues. In most cases this VW application is as good as, or even better then the factory tool! Current vehicle coverage includes all early 90's to 2008 VW/Audi models.

PC Retriever

VW/Audi service can be well handled by the ProgRama PC Retriever. This multi-car scan tool allows users to pull codes, read data PID's, perform bi-directional controls and resolve security issues on this line of vehicles. One of the better features of this scan tool is it's ability to display PID ID's and not have the user deal with VW 'Data Blocks' on a number of the more common PID's. This tool can also be configured to work on Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volvo Vehicles by adding additional software applications. We highly recommend this tool to VW shops.


VeDiS is the latest new scanner for VW/Audi vehicles. This scan tool, manufactured by Autoland Scientech, will access the Engine, Transmission, ABS System and SRS Air Bag systems. Capabilities include pulling codes, reading live data stream, clearing codes and bi-directional control of selected components/systems.

This scan tool is by far the best value scanner for servicing these cars as well as some of the other commonly requested vehicle lines: BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. The VeDiS can also be ordered with a very impressive Asian line cartridge. To view a PDF file format specification coverage sheet click on this ASIAN SPECIFICATIONS link.


iScan-II: Autoland Scientic produces this multi-car line scan tool. It is easily configured for servicing VW/Audi vehicles. Coverages include engine, transmission, AC/Heating controls, Instrument Clusters, ABS systems, ASC Systems, SRS systems, Anti-Theft and more. With the larger then usual display this tool will also allow for graphing of data PID's to ease the job of analyzing on-board issues.

This scanner can also be configured to service other Euro/Asian/Swedish lines including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Toyota/Lexus, Mitsubishi, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infinity and several others.



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