Land Rover service at the OEM level is performed with the T-4 Diagnostic System.Vehicle coverage includes all Defender, Discovery Series I and Series II, Range Rover Classic, Range Rover, Freelander and New Range Rover vehicles.

This complete OEM level diagnostic system consists of a roll around docking station with a Dell Pentium laptop PC. T4 provides compliance with the latest OBDII and EU3 standards, allows for the use of the RAVE factory technical information system, Reprogramming of all modules and includes the T-4 Hand Held Tester Land Rover scanner. The HHT docks into the T-4 cart when not being used seperately and works with the integrated Land Rover software. Additional HHT's can be easily added to the T-4 providing a portable solution for larger shops.

The newly designed, high quality T-4 cabinet houses both the included printer and the VOM/VCSI electronics, while a lockable cover protects the laptop itself from physical damage. Cable and CD ROM storage is also part of this cabinet system. Additionally included are two wall mountable cabinets to provide convenient storage of all larger cables and adapters.




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