GM Tech 2: This is the GM factory tool used in all GM dealers since 1996. Model coverage includes all makes and models of GM vehicles including passenger cars, trucks and vans. Model year coverage is from 1992 to 2008. For GM vehicles prior to 1992 you will need a Tech1A or a MasterTech listed below to achieve OEM level functionality.

The Tech 2 will allow your shop to be to 'dealer level' capable on all covered GM cars. Scan, pull codes, graph data and have all bi-directional controls available for all vehicle systems including Powertrain, Body and Chassis and Network. This tool will also allow you to re-program controllers if you also purchase the correct 'TIS or TIS-2-Web package as listed below.


GM Reprogramming with a Tech-2 is best done with the software subscription product 'TIS-2000'. This is GM's Technical Information Systems introduced in 2000.

The software product provides three distinct functions for the user; 1st it contains all the latest calibration files for all GM vehicles from 1996 to 2007, 2nd it contains the latest scan tool updates for your Tech-2, 3rd it provides a PC interface program for viewing both live data off the Tech-2 and viewing saved snapshots from the Tech-2.


Tech1A: This was the factory scanner for all GM dealers from 1983 to 1995. It is still available, but in limited quantities. The Tech1A can also be used to scan Ford and Chrysler vehicles with an available "3-in-1" cartridge


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